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Bridging Strategy and Impact with OKRs

Discover how nonprofit Elemental Excelerator uses OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) to invest in climate technology and social impact. Learn how they align OKRs with their 5-year plan, and remain flexible on the way to achieving ambitious goals.

Colorful tiles representing diversity

Using OKRs to Make Your Organization More Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive

Learn ways OKRs help you achieve your diversity goals. Explore these OKR examples for DEI to build an inclusive culture.

Explore how aligning OKRs with TODs drives innovation and flexibility in clinical trials, with insights from the success story of a pioneering SaaS healthcare startup.

Creating Synergy between Roles and Goals

Explore how HumanFirst, a pioneering SaaS startup, leverages OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) to revolutionize clinical trials and pharmaceutical technology. Discover how OKRs, combined with Tours of Duty (TODs), help them drive success through flexibility, alignment, and leadership collaboration in a dynamic healthcare landscape.

Explore this startup's OKR success story and how they use prioritization, alignment and strategic thinking to fuel growth.

Juggling Priorities in a Startup

Driven by their strategic use of OKR strategies, dive into Mantra Health's remarkable success story, . Discover how they transformed the startup through directional alignment, prioritizations and strategic thinking. Learn how Mantra Health refined their existing OKR system and planning to meet their growth needs.

A Crucial Turning Point: OKRs in Conversation

One crucial conversation ensured OKRs would become an integral part of scaling the capability of a state government team.


The First Steps of Implementing OKRs in Nonprofits

Discover how nonprofit Emancipet is using OKRs to bring together their pandemic exhausted staff, while also mapping a path to big ambitious goals.

Mission Driven Becomes Mission Accomplished with OKRs

There are few places where it can feel harder to say “no” than at a nonprofit. Business Geographer Gracie Koester shares perspective on using OKRs to tackle two common challenges of non-profit teams: prioritization and bringing funders into the conversation for strategic alignment.

Asaf-Bitton, Ariadne Labs Story OKRs/What Matters/John Doerr OKRs

Setting Common Goals for Impact

Every leader struggles to set common goals for their teams. Learn how Executive Director of Ariadne Labs, Asaf Bitton, tackles healthcare by uniting diverse perspectives under one roof: impact.

The Knot Worldwide / Joseph Lin Photography

Implementing OKRs Successfully Within an Organization

SVP Head of Product at The Knot Worldwide Nikita Miller shares her secrets to motivating teams to use OKRs well within an organization to set and achieve goals.

girls looking at paintings

Using OKRs to Scale: A Cautionary Tale

Learn how one startup used OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) and still failed. OKRs are not a substitute for strategy. See how Learning OKRs can help set your company up for sustainable success.

empowering teams to own their OKRs

Empowering Teams to Own Their OKRs

For TravelPerk, OKRs provide a “...framework [that] is easy to understand, and gives all teams independence and the flexibility to contribute to the company’s focus without being told what to do.”

women looking at a visual

Tackling Systemic Change with OKRs

The YMCA of the North is moving away from a swim and gym model into a holistic center by using OKRs to change the organization's processes.

the Y sign on a brick wall

Using OKRs to Streamline and Transform a Nonprofit

When the YMCA of the North needed to shift their focus they turned to OKRs.

map of the world on red paper

OKRs for NGOs

How an NGO implements OKRs for social challenges.

prezi video interface

From Startup to Expansion: OKRs at Prezi

Learn how Prezi uses OKRs for consistent business

giggster film set for rent

How Giggster is Using OKRs to Scale Their Business

Working towards a long-term goal is rarely a straightforward journey but OKRs can act as a tool to accelerate output.

Naveen Gavini pinterest

How Pinterest uses OKRs to Achieve Stretch Goals

Balancing between management and stretch goals.

balancing money and time with OKRs

Should You Connect OKRs and Compensation? (Spoiler Alert: No)

Why salary decisions should be kept out of OKR conversations.

COVID-19 testing, Photo by Jakayla Toney

How OKRs Guided Syracuse's Emergency Response Plan

OKRs offer guidance to Syracuse's local government.

Elizabeth Spaulding, President of Stitch Fix

Driving Outcomes & Measuring Impact with OKRs

OKRs help Stitch Fix to focus attention on outcomes and impact, rather than tasks.

women with disabilities, light for the world with OKRs

Leading Teams and Lighting the Way with OKRs

How a global nonprofit uses goal-setting to scale impact.

A family setting goals.

OKRs for Families

Setting goals that reflect family values.

Carrie Farler, Head of People at Paperless Post

Getting Specific with OKRs

How Paperless Post empowers teams to collaborate and set good goals.

Nubank Chief Product Officer Jag Duggal

Using OKRs to Get From Zero To One

Why Nubank prioritizes growing bigger with growing faster.

Light For the World, children in Burkina Faso

A Nonprofit Shines With OKRs

An OKR Shepherd gets a global team aligned.

Scott Case, upsolve, bankrupcty

Looking for the Upside With OKRs

Innovation is a part of the company values at Upside Business Travel. So are OKRs. Here's how they used both to survive the pandemic.

Male hand placing a wooden cut circle with check mark on it in the middle of drawn circles over plain yellow background.

Becoming a Better Leader With Personal OKRs

Coach Peter Kappus found that trying OKRs in his personal life was a good way to be a better leader.

Samyr Laine, Olympian, Triple jump

Towards the Gold

Learn how Olympian Samyr Laine sets goals on-and-off the field.

hand holding pencil taking notes, professional development okr examples, okrs professional development, professional development okrs

Using OKRs for Professional Development

Beyond Uber and LinkedIn, Eric Grant sets goals to keep learning.

gloved hand holding a vial of covid-19 vaccine

A Strategic Mindset with OKRs

Metric refinements are part of using OKRs. Learn how SciNote helped fight COVID-19 by identifying what really matters.

paul niven, founder of OKRs Training, okrs, objectives and key results, goal setting, attention economy, leadership

OKRs and the (Employee) Attention Economy

The employee mindshare just might be a company’s scarcest resource. OKRs can help focus it.

mother and baby

Transforming Women’s Healthcare With OKRs

How Maven turns growth goals into measurable key results

American flags on Memorial Day, Boston Common

Making Government Work Better With OKRs

Our government delivers results when things work well. But to do that, policy must define clear outcomes.

man on laptop in front of brick wall

OKRs for Nerds

NerdWallet created both culture and process to help consumers make healthier financial decisions.

remote work desk with mobile phone, laptop and water bottle

Working From Home With OKRs

An Ex-Googler’s advice: Combine goals with measurement.

Wikimedia Foundation COO Janeen Uzzell and Director of Operations Lydia Hamilton

A Foundation for Inclusion With OKRs

How Wikimedia pursues its mission to broaden history’s horizons.

telehealth, hims & hers

Keeping Consumers Top of Mind with OKRs

For this telehealth company, 2020 was a year of acceleration.

fictive kin office

OKRs to Empower Employees

Fictive Kin, a full-service agency, uses OKRs to stay rooted in their shared purpose while relying on employee autonomy and trust.

LaToia Jones, Hustle

Hiring for Diversity With OKRs

Hustle bet that its DEI and hiring practices are a competitive advantage. Learn about their goal setting to build a more diverse workforce with OKRs.

Dr. Marcus Ranney

Prioritizing Your Life Purpose

How a COVID-19 diagnosis reminded a doctor of what really matters.

Peter Kappus

How to Get OKR Buy-In

An OKR Coach takes a grassroots approach to implementation. Here are the questions he asks to guide teams.

Sweat Equity founder George Babu

OKRs for Investors

George Babu has had a multi-hyphenate career with OKRs. He now uses them as an investor to define the terms of relationship.

Dan and Melissa Murray-Serter wedding day

Committed to OKRs

When tackling a big topic like “have a healthy and long-lasting marriage,” defining what key results look like for that relationship is very important.

black youth on bikes

Working Towards Equity With OKRs

Learn from a leadership expert how you can analyze and use your power to promote racial justice in the workplace.

four open cans of paint with a brush on top of them on blue background

A Team of Teams With OKRs

Poplar Homes manages properties across major metro areas and uses OKRs to help pivot and prioritize. Learn how here.

fractured atlas OKR discussion

Committing to Equity With OKRs

Learn how OKRs help this non-profit's commitment to battling systemic racism and oppression.

A sheep on a road.

Going From Fear to Freedom With OKRs

Key results can seem scary initially, but once that fear is overcome, they open up possibilities.

squarefoot, commercial real estate, office, workspace, laptop

Out of the Office With OKRs

Learn how commercial real estate disruptor SquareFoot adjusted after it was disrupted by coronavirus.

empty college auditorium, Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

College After COVID & OKRs

Andy Grove once called CCNY, "a veritable American-dream machine." Now Grove's OKRs help his alma mater plan for Fall semester.

OKRs for improving communication, doist

Improving Communication During a Global Pandemic With OKRs

This fully-remote productivity software company tried OKRs. It inspired them to revolutionize their communication.

Rohan Pavuluri CEO Upsolve

OKR Metrics: The Bridge Between Mission and Execution

For mission-based organizations, success is often defined by a lofty vision statement. Learn how Upsolve used OKRs to turn audacious goals into reality with Key Results.

okr meeting at MURAL, audience clapping

Fast-Tracking Goals With OKRs

COVID-19 might have forced many companies to slow down. But for this virtual collaboration platform, it forced them to accelerate their goals.

okr meeting at beam dental

Making OKRs Work Better

Learn how Beam Dental adapted and created new and aligned OKRs.

person drawing cats in sketchbook

Evolving as a Brand With OKRs

How Skillshare reaches for its full potential with OKRs and continuous feedback.

man playing the piano

Making Music With OKRs

A new streaming app, Idagio, competes with Spotify by committing to its niche.

Upsolve website

Surviving Financial Setbacks With OKRs

How Upsolve is using OKRs to throw a financial lifeline to those affected by the pandemic.

the team at Beam Dental

Turning the Ship Around With OKRs

How Beam Dental's CEO, Alex Frommeyer, fixed his OKRs with transparency and vulnerability.

city of syracuse, iteam, adria finch, sam edelstein

Connecting Dots Across City Services With OKRs

Learn how Syracuse, New York adopted OKRs to improve city services and save money.

A remote work call on Zoom.

OKRs for a New, Remote Normal

Teams, companies, and industries are transforming at a rapid speed by going 100% virtual. Learn what it means to be an online team player.

Duolingo office Mural

Learning New Languages With OKRs

Clear goal-setting turns a new product from failure to success.

people writing OKRs on a whiteboard

Learning Faster With OKRs

An OKR coach's perspective on becoming more agile.

san jose city hall

Improving City Hall in San Jose With OKRs

Accountability, digital transformation, and OKRs in local government.

okrs for shared mission

OKRs for a Shared Mission

MASS Design Group uses OKRs to help build a stronger and safer future for mountain gorillas.

woman giving a TED talk

OMG: When TED Adopted OKRs

Introducing a Big Idea with Storytelling

Allbirds shoes, black, grey and white Allbirds shoes

OKRs for Building a Culture of Innovation

How Allbirds sets ambitious metrics for R&D.

Woman staning in front of door.

Building Successful Models Through OKR Transparency

OKRs help CareMore elevate at-home care.

google founders, larry page, sergey bin

Why Startups Should Use OKRs

Founders share the benefits and challenges.

Maxwell Ryan CEO Apartment Therapy, Apartment Therapy OKR meeting

OKRs: A CEO's Perspective

An office-wide excel spreadsheet transparently levels the playing field at Apartment Therapy.

sparking organizational renaissance

Sparking an Organizational Renaissance With OKRs

How 23andMe reinstituted OKRs to power its current phase of growth.

Ryan Panchadsaram co-creator of, Ryan Panchadsaram okrs, Ryan Panchadsaram

OKR Sessions: What Are OKRs? Objectives and Key Results Basics (VIDEO)

Ryan Panchadsaram, co-creator of with John Doerr, explains the basics of the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) goal-setting method.

elizabeth dunne, freelance graphic designer, okr enthusiast

Helping Clients Focus With OKRs

A freelancer turns ideas into traction with OKRs.

apartment buildings, mass design group

Advocacy Through Architecture With OKRs

How OKRs are creating MASSive change.

alexis gonzales-black, august public

OKR Sessions: How to Write Ambitious OKRs (VIDEO)

In this video, Alexis Gonzales-Black explains how to write good OKRs with examples so you can start writing ambitious goals, too.

syarin poon of superhuman celebrating her 1000th onboarding

Questing for the Magic Metric With OKRs

How Superhuman discovered a galvanizing OKR.

Alexis Gonzales-Black holding an OKR meeting

Autonomy and Structure with OKRs

How a company without managers gets where they need to go.

students, classroom, okrs

Navigating the Future with OKRs

Minerva Schools is redefining what a university can be by using OKRs to illuminate the future of higher education.

all birds simplicity in every step

Anchoring OKRs to Your Mission

Allbirds co-founder Joey Zwillinger talks about measuring sustainability and their carbon footprint by using OKRs.

doctor at possible health

OKRs Around the World

Learn How Possible and Nyaya Health are growing a global culture of collaboration with OKRs.

group of girls and women holding hands

Making BHAGs Possible With OKRs

Possible has improved healthcare in Nepal by using BHAGs to maximize their OKRs.

phone on book on a wooden table with a bottle of wine at apartment therapy

Ending the Week with a Win with OKRs

Learn how WINS meetings give everyone at Apartment Therapy a sense of collective accomplishment within an OKR cycle.

Apartment Therapy CEO Maxwell Ryan sitting on sofa

OKRs for Designers: Pivoting with Ease

Follow along as the digital publication Apartment Therapy uses OKRs to get to the next level.

nonprofit management, objectives and key results, goal setting and advocacy

OKRs for Social Change: Accountability & a Larger Vision

Thaddeus Ferber of the Forum for Youth Investment nonprofit shares how OKRs encouraged bold moves during a time of budget cuts.

John Doerr TED talk, John Doerr Measure What Matters

The OKR TED Talk

John shares his take on what makes the difference between success and failure. Telling stories of ambitious leaders and teams, John's keen observations and insights bring light to an oft-overlooked aspect of dreaming big.

metting, post-it notes, okrs

Transparency: How OKRs Can Restore Public Trust

How transparency makes an organization’s objectives clear and how it can be used in nonprofits, schools, and government.

divorce compensation laszlo bock

Laszlo Bock: Divorce Compensation from OKRs

Using OKRs to power growth, engagement, and diversity.

woman speaking in okr meeting

How to Build the Workforce of the Future With OKRs

Using OKRs to power growth, engagement, and diversity.

okr performance review

Why Adobe Killed Performance Reviews

Learn how Adobe's Donna Morris became the catalyst for “Check-in,” a new model of continuous performance management.

business people talking over a laptop, okr conversation

Be Your Own Boss With OKRs

How to use OKRs even when your boss doesn't.

okrs for everyday bing gordon

OKRs For Everyday Life

A Silicon Valley luminary finds a new approach to defining success.

andy grove at intel

The OKR Origin Story

A closer look at the man who invented OKRs.

students raising hands at khan lab school

OKRs for Students

Meet the California grade-schoolers charting their own path.

Anne Wojcicki, 23andme

Q&A with Anne Wojcicki

The founder and CEO of 23andMe shares the ups, downs, and in betweens of goal setting.

code for america, Jennifer Pahlka, Lou Moore

The Newest Tech Disruption: Local Government OKRs

Code for America's Jennifer Pahlka and Lou Moore explain how the nonprofit uses OKRs to defeat local government bureaucracy.

john doerr TED talk, john doerr okrs TED talk, john doerr okrs

The OKR TED Talk

John shares his take on what makes the difference between success and failure. Telling stories of ambitious leaders and teams, John's keen observations and insights bring light to an oft-overlooked aspect of dreaming big.

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