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Learn how a simple goal setting technique called OKRs—Objectives and Key Results— propelled Google, The Gates Foundation, and Bono to exceed all expectations.

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Learn about the OKR movement and its origins from our founder, John Doerr. Learn more about OKRs

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From legendary investor John Doerr comes the case for ambitious goal setting and meticulous execution. Order the Book

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OKRs 101

Getting started with OKRs?
Our video series helps take your OKR practice from good to great.

Get Started With OKRs

OKRs 101

Getting started with OKRs?
Our video series helps take your OKR practice from good to great.

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I read over 100 books a year. Between being an author and podcast host, books are kind of my world. This was hands down one of the most useful books I’ve read in 2018. It forced me to take a look at how I was spending my time and what the people on my team were prioritizing. Even though I couldn’t directly relate to all of the interviews, there was a nugget in each one that I found valuable. Considering how many successful companies and individuals use this process, it’s worth learning about.

Srinivas Rao, CEO Unmistakable Creative Podcast

I love this book. It’s well written and interesting. John Doerr has both the experience and the ability to communicate this in a way that is understandable and motivating. It is now required reading for all of my team at Project CURE.

Dr. Douglas Jackson, CEO Project C.U.R.E.

What People Are Saying

Don’t take our word for it.

This book should be a staple for both future and established business leaders. OKRs and CFRs provide a clear path to setting and achieving the most inspired to the most trivial goals businesses and teams pursue. John’s storytelling and experience made this book tough to put down

Amanda Haworth

”Measure What Matters” by @johndoerr is by far the best book on strategic planning I have ever read as an entrepreneur. OKR is a simple yet powerful tool for startups to stay focused on what really matters while keeping the team aligned to maximize results and excel on execution.

David Ocumarez

OMG, buy this book if you need help getting your stuff together with a business. I had such clarity which I desperately needed even after the first couple chapters. It makes you empowered to make decisions and create plans to actually move your work forward, not drowning in endless busy work that doesn’t get you anywhere closer to meeting your goals. It’s relatable, entertaining and applicable to pretty much any organization size.

Melissa Kennedy

Recently finished Measure What Matters by @johndoerr. Fantastic read and highly recommend it. #OKRs are a fantastic approach to getting an organization moving in the same direction. I rolled out several OKRs at work and to my surprise, my team jumped on board immediately.

Sean Miler

What People Are Saying

Don’t take our word for it.