Only the Beginning!

Thank you for joining us for the first part of our “Getting Started with OKRs” series.

We hope the basics of setting OKRs for yourself are now clear. Hopefully you can bring your OKRs into lively discussions with your colleagues to move forward with purpose, focus and alignment!

The foundation remains the same:

  • Objectives and Key Results work together to describe the “what” and “how” of enacting change.
  • Objectives (“what”) are the changes you want to make over the next 30-90 days.
  • Key Results (“how) are the measures and milestones you’ll use to track progress toward your Objectives.

Remember, what we’ve been able to cover here is only the beginning of a great OKR practice. As we add to this series, you’ll learn all about rolling OKRs out across your entire organization. Until then, there’s a wealth of resources on this very site to enhance your understanding of OKRs and leadership.

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Thank you, again! And as we say — keep up the momentum!

Additional Resources and Further Reading

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