So, you’ve read Measure What Matters and you want to focus and commit to your priorities, improve teamwork and stretch to achieve amazing results. You might be mulling over the benefits of OKRs or you’re ready to jump in with both feet and implement OKRs within your team or organization. But, how do you really get started?

At the end of 2018, we reflected on how amazing the year was: Measure What Matters reached #1 on the New York Times Bestseller List, and appeared on Amazon’s Best Books of 2018.

Taking a radical step to increase the transparency within our own organization, we focused on one team goal for 2019 to start: To help another 1,000 teams implement OKRs. But, how could we help everyone on a global scale?

With that specific goal in mind, we introduced Audacious by Measure What Matters in December 2018. Audacious is our regular newsletter that guides you through a year-long cycle of OKRs to help you achieve your goals — both professional and personal.

Audacious continues to help and inspire our readers around the globe. We’ve not only achieved this Objective for over four years, we’ve also learned a lot along the way, largely in part to your emails, tweets and posts. Thank you.

We continue to aim higher as we carry this objective over into 2023: to help another 10,000 teams achieve operating excellence through OKRs. Together.

If you haven’t already, subscribe and jump into the cycle at any time.

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The Audacious Archive

Q1 2024

03/22/2024 - John Doerr’s Book of the Month 📚
03/15/2024 - Dear Andy: How To Balance OKRs With Day-To-Day Work
03/04/2024 - Your March OKR To-do List 📅
02/02/2024 - Your February OKR To-do List 📅
01/26/2024 - Dear Andy: OKRs for Storytellers
01/19/2024 - John Doerr’s Book of the Month 📚
01/12/2024 - Dear Andy: OKRs for Hospitals and Health Management
01/05/2024 - Your Q1 OKRs to-dos for January 📅

Q4 2023

12/08/2023 - Dear Andy: How to Public Transportation
12/01/2023 - Your December OKR to-do list 🎯
11/10/2023 - John Doerr’s Book of the Month 📚
11/01/2023 - Your November OKR to-do list 📅
10/20/2023 - Dear Andy: Making Daily Work Relevant with OKRs
10/06/2023 - Your October OKR to-do list 📅

Q3 2023

09/29/2023 - Dear Andy: Individual OKRs for Designers
09/22/2023 - John Doerr’s Book of the Month 📚
09/08/2023 - Dear Andy: Writing OKRs for a New Job
09/07/2023 - Your September OKR to-do list 📅
08/25/2023 - John Doerr’s Book of the Month 📚
08/11/2023 - Dear Andy: OKRs for Social Media
08/01/2023 - Your August OKR to-do list 📅
07/28/2023 - Dear Andy: Improving Personal and Professional OKRs
07/21/2023 - Book Of The Month July 2023
07/14/2023 - Audacious - Dear Andy | July 2023 (Digest 86)
07/10/2023 - Guided Cycle - July 2023

Q2 2023

05/05/2023 - Dear Andy: OKRs For Planning A Pride Parade

05/01/2023 - Your May OKR To-do List 📅

04/21/2023 - Dear Andy: OKRs for Large Corporations

04/07/2023 - Dear Andy: How to Choose Objectives that Truly Matter

04/03/2023 - Your April OKR To-do List 📅

Q1 2023

03/24/2023 - Dear Andy: Activity vs. Outcomes in OKRs

03/10/2023 - Dear Andy: Changing Priorities With OKRs

03/03/2023 - Your March OKR To-do List 📅

02/24/2023 - Dear Andy: “Lights On” OKRS

02/17/2023 - John Doerr’s Book of the Month 📚

02/10/2023 - Dear Andy: Do Deadlines Make Good Objectives?

02/01/2023 - Your February OKR To-do List 📅

01/27/2023 - John Doerr’s Book of the Month 📚

01/20/2023 - Dear Andy: How to Simplify a Long List of Key Results

01/13/2023 - One Thing to Think About When Setting OKRs for 2023

01/06/2023 - Dear Andy: Annual Vs. Quarterly OKRs

01/04/2023 - Your Q1 OKRs to-dos for January 📅

Q4 2022

12/16/2022 - Dear Andy: Getting Team Buy-In To Do OKRs

12/09/2022 - Dear Andy: OKRs for Writers

12/02/2022 - John Doerr’s Book of the Month 📚

12/01/2022 - Your December OKR to-do list 📅

11/25/2022 - Dear Andy: Who “Needs” OKRs?

11/01/2022 - Your November OKR to-do list 📅

10/28/2022 - Dear Andy: What Makes An Engaging Objective?

10/21/2022 - John Doerr’s Book of the Month 📚

10/14/2022 - Dear Andy: Aspirational OKRs for a Distributed Team

10/07/2022 - John Doerr’s Video of the Month🎥

10/03/2022 - Your October OKR to-do list 📅

Q3 2022

09/30/2022 - John Doerr’s Book of the Month #2

09/16/2022 - John Doerr’s Book of the Month

09/01/2022 - Your September OKR to-do list 📅

08/12/2022 - John Doerr’s Book of the Month 📚

08/05/2022 - Dear Andy: My First Set of Individual OKRs

08/01/2022 - Your August OKR to-do list 📅

07/22/2022 - Dear Andy: The Finer Points of OKR Ownership

07/15/2022 - John Doerr’s Book of the Month 📚

07/08/2022 - Dear Andy: Converting KPIs to OKRs

07/01/2022 - Your July OKR to-do list 📅

Q2 2022

06/17/2022 - John Doerr’s Book of the Month 📚

06/10/2022 - Building the better you 🌼

06/03/2022 - Your June OKR to-do list 📅

05/13/2022 - John Doerr’s Book of the Month 📚

05/06/2022 - Your May OKR To-do List 📅

04/29/2022 - Cut through the clutter standing in the way of your purpose 🚮

04/22/2022 - Can OKRs help with climate goals? 🎯

04/15/2022 - John Doerr’s Book of the Month 📚

04/08/2022 - Actionable Tips for April

04/05/2022 - Your April OKR To-do List 📅

Q1 2022

11-Mar-22 Get out of your comfort zone

4-Mar-22 Are your OKRs on track?

22-Feb-22 Use OKRs for Equity and Inclusion Efforts 🎯

11-Feb-22 OKR Superpowers: How to exceed expectations

28-Jan-22 Our Number One Superpower

21-Jan-22 It’s time to get your OKRs in shape 🎯

14-Jan-22 Using OKRs to boost creativity 🎯

Q4 2021

21-Dec-21 Time is running out on 2021 🎯

12-Nov-21 Are you stuck at “okay”? 🎯

22-Oct-21 Psst! Want your employees to stick around? 🎯

15-Oct-21 The (Ever-changing) Role of Managers 🎯

7-Oct-21 Grading, Reflecting, and Building Better 🎯

Q3 2021

17-Sep-21 Defining common leadership acronyms 🎯

26-Aug-21 The importance of fun at work 🏓

11-Aug-21 How to Empower Your Team 🎯

5-Aug-21 Make August Audacious 🎯

29-Jul-21 🏅 OKRs and the Road to The Olympics + More Stories

23-Jul-21 Navigating the return to work with OKRs 🧭

Q2 2021

22-Jun-21 It’s nearly the end of Q2, are you on track? 🎯

12-May-21 Maintaining momentum 🚀

1-Apr-21 Only Fools Rush In (to set Q2 OKRs) 🤪

Q1 2021

23-Feb-21 OKRs for Control Freaks 😬

21-Jan-21 Are we just in Q5 2020? 🤔

Q4 2020

10-Dec-20 Gearing up for 2021 📅

19-Nov-20 OKRs are just more work, right? ⛔

Q3 2020

8-Oct-20 🔍 Why We Iterate Our OKRs

14-Sep-2020 ❓ How will you end this never-ending year?

Q2 2020

13-May-2020: 🍪 C doesn’t stand for Cookies, it stands for Conversations

10-Apr-2020: 🚧 Business as Unusual

Q1 2020

12-Mar-2020: 🌐 2020 is not starting how we all expected

19-Feb-2020: 💥 Nobody likes a surprise

29-Jan-2020: 🔎 Pardon me, have you seen my OKRs?

08-Jan-2020: 📅 Have you scheduled your Q1 OKRs?

Q4 2019

18-Dec-2019: Our Annual North Star Review

04-Dec-2019: Stretch for amazing in 2020

06-Nov-2019: Feedback and other words that start with F

17-Oct-2019: A Constant Drumbeat for Your Team

Q3 2019

26-Sep-2019: Scoring Your Q3 OKRs

05-Sep-2019: Finding Energy and Motivation for Q4 Company OKRs

15-Aug-2019: The F in CFRs: Feedback

24-Jul-2019: Conversations and Culture

03-Jul-2019: Focus on New or Recalibrated OKRs

Q2 2019

13-Jun-2019: The Key to the Half-Way Point - Reflection

23-May-2019: Making the Most of 1:1 Meetings with CFRs

02-May-2019: Team Q2 OKRs

10-Apr-2019: Scoring our Q1 OKRs

Q1 2019

20-Mar-2019: Recalibration (a.k.a. What to do when an OKR just isn’t right)

27-Feb-2019: Meet the sibling of OKRs: CFRs

06-Feb-2019: Using OKRs in Your Staff Meetings & 1:1s

23-Jan-2019: Focus on Individual-level OKRs

09-Jan-2019: Sharing Company-level OKRs

December 2018

19-Dec-2018: Welcome to Audacious

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