Ryan Panchadsaram

So, you’ve read Measure What Matters and you’re excited. You want to focus and commit to your priorities, improve teamwork and, quite possibly, stretch to achieve amazing results. You might be mulling over the benefits of OKRs or you’re ready to jump in with both feet and implement OKRs within your team or organization. But, how do you really get started?

John, the team, and I hear from many people, just like you, who want more detail on the ‘what, how and when’ of OKRs. You’re asking some really important questions: How do I align my work with a quarterly or annual OKR cycle? How can I launch OKRs in my business? Why should I transition from private to public goal setting?

At the end of last year, we reflected on how amazing 2018 was: Measure What Matters reached #1 on the New York Times Bestseller List, and appeared on Amazon’s Best Books of 2018. To ‘walk our talk’, we set ourselves, and our team, another audacious OKR for 2020: to help another 10,000 teams achieve operating excellence through OKRs. Together.

Taking a radical step to increase the transparency within our own organization, we focused on this one team goal. If we wanted to help another 10,000 teams implement OKRs, how could we help everyone on a global scale?

With that specific goal in mind, we introduced Audacious by Measure What Matters in December 2018.

Audacious is a regular newsletter that guides you through a year-long cycle of OKRs to help you achieve your goals - both professional and personal. I’m your coach, and I promise to help you get started with OKRs and, importantly, help you stick with them.

You can jump into the cycle at any time and in each email, you’ll find helpful answers and guidance to some of your most important questions:

  • How do we capture the ambition of our organization through OKRs?
  • Do I need to have OKRs for every layer: Company → Department → Team → Individual?
  • How many Objectives should I have? How do I know if they’re good?
  • Where can I find free software or templates to help me with OKRs?
  • How do I make my 1:1 meetings more meaningful?
  • How do I track progress or grade my OKRs and what do we do if an OKR just isn’t right?

In addition to emails from me, your coach, you’ll also hear from the team with FAQs, Resources, and Stories to guide and inspire you through the year-long cycle of OKRs, broken down by quarter, to help you achieve your goals.

OKRs are a power goal setting tool used by teams to reach for their most audacious goals. Audacious is a roadmap to help you get there.